A Kyoto, ancienne capitale du Japon, l’artisanat a une longue histoire et les
produits traditionnels issus d’un
savoir-faire d’excellence sont appelés les « Kyo-Mono » ou « objets de Kyoto ».

Aujourd’hui, notre volonté est de créer et de développer des objets qui s’intègrent harmonieusement au style de vie
d’une clientèle européenne en valorisant la
noblesse de l’artisanat japonais.

Nous présentons notre projet à Paris, capitale mondiale de la mode, après l'avoir fait à Shangaï, autre haut lieu de lumière.
L’esprit du projet est de décliner la magie des Kyo-mono dans les objets de notre quotidien. Nous souhaitons ainsi vous
inviter à découvrir ces produits et

matériaux témoignant du savoir-faire des artisans kyotoïtes reconnus pour certains comme des trésors nationaux vivants.

Kyoto Contemporary Tokyo Exhibition

Date: 17.Feb.2015 16:00-19:00 (17:00- Reception) / 18.Feb.2015 10:00-18:00
Venue: Tokyo Aoyama Spiral 3F

Kyoto Contemporary Paris Exhibition


Event Detail

Kyoto Contemporary
Paris Exhibition


ground floor


Opening Date

20th-31st January 2015
Open day:Monday-Saturday
Monday-Friday(10:00-13:00, 14:00-19:00)
Saturday (13:00-19:00)
Close on Sunday

(Opening reception party)
20th 19:00-

Exhibitors information


Toshiyuki OHIGASHI

Daitou was founded as a bedding manufacturer in 1925 in Kyoto. The chairman of Daitou, Toshiyuki Ohigashi, has a 'Sleep and Health Advisor, Senior Class' license. Utilizing his scientific knowledge of sleep, he works actively on his mission of creating good sleep and relaxation. He offers not only simple bedding products, but also total bedroom coordinations. He also provides lifestyle items to aid in good sleep. Bedding manufacture x hypnology = DAITOU, The Organic Sleep Laboratory.


Daitou's strength is our especially soft cotton gauze fabric. The bleaching process typically takes just 40 minutes, but we do it over 4 days in order make the fabric softer. We stack this fabric in layers, cut it, stitch it, and finally our linen goods are complete. It becomes even softer as you wash it. Our gauze fabric is used for pajamas, bedding, and even baby goods. When you try our linen goods, you will feel what it is like to wear the air.
chambre de D | Design by DENOVEMBRE

As an ‘organic sleep laboratory’ with bed-making skill accumulated for nearly 90 years, we are trying to realize healthier lifestyles for people. In order to do so, we propose to better sleep and relaxation environments through mastery of sleep science and with products using reassuring natural ingredients. The theme this time is relaxation on cold Paris nights. We offer soft and

comforting loungewear made using cotton gauze cloth manufactured via traditional Japanese methods with medical-grade de-resined cotton.

Company: Daitou Shingu Kogyo Co,. Ltd.
Person in charge: Toshiyuki OHIGASHI
Address: 66-2 Yoko-Oji Shimo-Misuyamaden, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Japan
TEL: +81-75-622-6245
FAX: +81-75-622-1337
Email :
Website :


URUSHI Producer
Toshiyuki OKINO

Toshiyuki Okino is the chairman of ISUKE which has been in the urushi lacquer business since its founding 180 years ago. Since joining ISUKE he has learned much about urushi and has become enamored by it. Looking around society, he saw that urushi was getting less and less familiar to us. Concerned with this situation, he founded a new urushi brand called ‘isuke’ to combine urushi lacquers and contemporary designs, and try to bring urushi back to our daily lives.


“Natural.” This is the basic concept of MOKU. On this product, urushi lacquer is painted in narrow strips to allow for the natural wood surface to be touched and felt. We would like you to feel the beauty of Japanese wooden bowls. The color of urushi lacquers and the beauty of wood surfaces is the essence of Japan. We wish to bring a bit of happiness to your daily life.

URUSHI Lamp  | Design by Laurent CORIO

ISUKE & CO.,LTD. has a 180-year history. This lamp is made with a marriage of their distinguished lacquerware-making skills and the refined designs of Laurent Corio. Lamp light reflects off of our exceptional, gorgeous and deeply colored lacquer, giving off an alluring and beautiful glow. The surface of the reflecting disk, with deliberate traces of hand painting, projects a subtle, but unmistakable shadow. Please enjoy this harmony between light and lacquer.

Company: Isuke & Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Toshiyuki OKINO
Address: 344 Kashiwaya-cho, Yanaginobanba Gojyo Agaru, Shimogyoku, Kyoto, Japan
TEL: +81-75-361-5281

FAX: +81-75-361-5285
Email :
Website :


Kyoto Traditional Ceramic Producer
Takayoshi KUMAGAI

Takayoshi Kumagai is the third chairman of KUMAGAI CO., LTD., which is a wholesaler of Kyoto ceramics. Each Kyoto ceramic product is carefully made by an experienced craftsman from the very first process to the finish. Takayoshi makes it his own personal mission to leave Kyoto ceramics to future generations. He has been developing a new brand "K+", which offers modern and attractive products by combining the beauty of Kyoto ceramics and contemporary designs.


Our goods are very precisely baked, but how crystallizations appear is left to nature. This is why our "flower crystallization" technique is so mysterious. Using this special technique, we make lovely cups that almost resemble gelato when stacked. Choose your preferred color as you would choose a frozen treat or pick a color combination that fits the decor of your room.

Flower Crystallization Plate | Design by SAINT-ANTOINE

Hana-kesshou (flower crystallization) is a porcelain upon which a lot of crystals form in the kiln like blooming flowers. Each crystal has a unique formation. The 2mm thickness is also a distinctive feature. With differing combinations of colors or triangle tiles, various expressions can be displayed. A mirror is attached, so please enjoy it as wall decor or a free-standing interior design piece as well.

Company: Kumagai Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Takayoshi KUMAGAI
Address: 9-5, Kawata Kiyomizuyakidanchi-Cho, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto, Japan
TEL: +81-75-501-8083
FAX: +81-75-501-5876

Email :
Website :



Kimono Master, Nobuaki Tomita has held kimono shows to introduce Japanese culture to the world. In these shows, he uses costumes from Japanese classical dances such as Nou, Kyogen, and Kabuki. Those costumes are made by craftsmen using real traditional techniques. This is our focus. Combining new ideas with traditional textures, colors, and patterns, KUROKASHI offers attractive textiles.

NOBU Kabuki Series

Our kimono textile is considered top-quality, because our silk fabric is made with special threads. We combine this silk textile with genuine leathers to provide you carefully manufactured products as beautiful as fine art.

M's Art  | Design by Laurent CORIO

High quality, particular design cloth with the feel, color, and kabuki patterns born of the traditional skills of Kimono Master Nobuaki Tomita meet high-quality silk materials produced by artisans; with the beauty of Japanese patterns formed by intertwining threads and the pleasant surprise of a Laurent CORIO design, something so simple as a pencase can harvest the air of garments typically reserved for special occasions and be a masterpiece you keep close

Company: Kurokashi Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Harumi TOMITA
Address: HananoGosho KATSUTARO-kan BLD., 240 Tsukiyama Minamihan-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, JAPAN
TEL: +81-75-432-5501
FAX: +81-75-432-5508

Email :
Website :
Facebook :


Samurai Creator
Keisuke MIYAKE

Keisuke Miyake was born into the business of Kyo-Ningyo, a traditional Japanese doll made in Kyoto. He is a distinguished Kyo-Ningyo craftsman. Mr. Miyake began working as a craftsman in his teens and was influenced by the high-level technique and the pride involved in their creation. With a traditional manufacturing technique used in kacchu, a traditional Japanese armor, he has developed the "Samurai Armor Bag." It embodies the spirit of noble Japanese samurai through traditional techniques and patterns.

Samurai Armor Bag

Arranging the beautiful patterns and functions of kacchu with contemporary designs, the Samurai Armor Bag was born as a product we can use in our everyday life. The distinct features of this bag are the combination of the leather and metal plates, kumihimo strings, and an East-meets-West design. This is why our bag has a strong and unique presence. We hope this bag allows you to feel the samurai spirit every time.

Samurai Armor Bag for Lady

Due to overwhelming demand from females saying they too wished to use our popular Samurai Armor Bag, Kyoningyo Miyake has enlisted the help of women's designer, Haruna Morita, to develop a new ladies' lineup. While preserving the noble air of the original Samurai Armor bag, this piece has been made lighter with a new form for ladies.

Company: Miyake Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Keisuke MIYAKE
Address: 103-53 Minamihoriike Ogura Uji-city Kyoto , JAPAN
TEL: +81-774-22-5008

FAX: +81-774-22-3062
Email :
Website :


Spiritual Maestro
Keisuke NAKANO

Keisuke Nakano is the 10th chairman of Nakano Isuke, which was founded in 1764. He has made just juzu products his entire career. Recently, fewer and fewer Japanese have so much devotion, and many have become jittery. Many people find charm and spiritual healing in his carefully crafted juzu. This is why he started his new brand, e'q, to arrange traditional juzu into contemporary styles and let people wear juzu as a fashionable accessory.


Traditional carving, kumihimo strings, and decorated knot techniques meet new design. With this combination, e'q is made. The meditative mind, the praying heart, and the wishing heart. When wearing e'q as a spiritual accessory, you experience all of these.

MEISO  | Design by Louise DE TESTA

Nakano Isuke, a storied juzu maker operating for over 250 years in Kyoto, offers the designs of French artist Louise de Testa. With this we propose traditional juzu, the 2500 year old creation of Buddha, be worn freely as an accessory

Company: Nakano-Isuke Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Keisuke NAKANO
Address: Teramachi-Matsubara Agaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan
TEL: +81-75-351-0155
FAX: +81-75-351-7438

Email :
Website :



Takeshi Nishimura has spent his entire 43-year career in yuzen-chokoku, which is a pattern paper carving technique used for yuzen-zome dyeing. Due to a downturn in the kimono market in Japan, the amount of work in available in yuzen-chokoku has decreased rapidly bringing the number of craftsmen with it. Mr. Nishimura saw the writing on the wall and decided to share his yuzen-chokoku skills with the international market. Recently, he is working not only on traditional pattern paper, but also on developing new daily goods for people over the world.


Patterns of yuzen-chokoku show vividly when lit from beneath. NISHIMURA with iPad is a simply designed product; just yuzen-chokoku on black leather. But when you insert an iPad and switch on the backlight, its beautiful patterns will draw you into a peaceful and joyful world.

Leather Goods  | Design by COLLECTIF PRÉMICES

This is a wonderful collection of leather goods born of the meeting between French design team, COLLECTIF PRÉMICES, and the techniques of yuzen-chokoku. We sincerely hope you enjoy these charming products created from the interweaving of Eastern and Western designs.

Company: Nishimura Yuzen-Chokoku
Person in charge: Takeshi NISHIMURA
Address: 51 Mibu Aiai-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan
TEL: +81-75-821-5589
FAX: +81-75-332-2955

Email :
Website :


Kimono Textile Producer

Since its founding in 1951, Omiya has sold kimono wholesale in Kyoto, the center of the kimono world. Recently it has been apparent that Japanese traditional skills, materials, craftsmanship ares going to be lost. This situation gave Omiya the strong desire to somehow pass along kimono culture. Using the network of kimono dyeing craftsmen around Japan, Omiya has launched a new products development department and started its new brand, SANJIKU to combine kimono textiles with new designs.


SANJIKU is a very special textile that only two weaving machines in the world are capable of making. SANJIKU expresses flowing gradations in a complex weave. We combined this SANJIKU textile with high quality Italian leather and introduced new clutch bags. techniques and new design. made from our historic.

SANJIKU Men's Collection  | Design by denovembre

SANJIKU and Judith and Elsa Bourdin from Parisian textile brand, denovembre, worked together to develop new menswear collections : Neckties, bow ties, and pocket squares. The beautiful gradations and unique patterns of this fabric enable us to add a gorgeous luxuriousness and originality ordinary accessories.

Company: Omiya Co., Ltd
Person in charge: Koji Izumi
Address: 394 Osaka-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan
TEL: +81-75-341-4181
FAX: +81-75-341-4180

Email :
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SANJIKU Facebook :


Sadaharu INOUE

Sadaharu Inoue is the 6th chairman of Takesada Shoten, which was founded in 1877 in Kyoto. When he was a banker, he sometimes saw the problem of abandoned bamboo forests, a symptom of the declining market for bamboo. It was then that he decided to take the helm of his family business. Now he is trying to rebuild the culture of bamboo.

Bamboo Panel

This is an interior-use bamboo panel which only two companies in the world are capable of creating. We have repurposed bamboo walls, which had until now only been used as part of gardens. It is said that bamboo puts out large amounts of helpful negative ions, and many people find bamboo forests and gardens healing. By adding bamboo to your space, you can easily enjoy and bathe in a forest atmosphere indoors.

KAGUYA | Design by Anaïs GAUTHIER

This is a series which evokes the image of Princess Kaguya (main character and transcendent beauty hailing from the moon) of Japan's oldest story, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. It is a collaboration between the high quality bamboo grown by skillful craftsmen and the innovative designs of Parisian artisans. Pieces utilizing stainless steel while making maximal use of bamboo's inherent beauty, creating very stylish lighting.

Company: Takesada-Shoten Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Sadaharu INOUE
Address: 6 Uzumasa Katsuragi-Cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan
TEL: +81-75-861-1712
FAX: +81-75-861-0200

Email :
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Metal Spirit

This is the third generation of a branch family of Onishi of the Ten Crafstmen of Sen House, which itself has continued since its first generation over 400 years ago. "We want to preserve and pass down traditional techniques." With this thought, we hope that many people can learn the flavor afforded by metalware and see the 'beauty in use' of items close to them. Everything with a shape decays, and iron is no different. We sincerely hope that you can enjoy that process.


The basic concept of Series-Sabi is an incense stand built of ancient Kyogama pot-making techniques. The material is iron, but to project a feeling of warmth, each example is a one-of-a-kind shape, left in its natural state rather than poured into a mold. Upon cooling, the surface is formed with a hammer and given a deep color with a lacquer finish. We hope that users can enjoy watching the color change as years pass and the piece ages.

Cast Iron Teacups  | Design by NOIR VIF

This product is feedback from the kama pot, used to boil water in traditional Japanese sadou tea ceremonies. We devised 'NOIR VIF' as new and unique teacups utilizing the unique traits of Kyogama Kyoto pots. Hada, the casted surface, or arare, a traditional pattern of dots, become braille expressing wakotoba harmonious Japanese. We offer traditional lacquered Kyoto pieces met with revolutionary French designs. It is true harmony between Kyoto, Japan and Paris, France.

Company: Yoshiha Yohey
Person in charge: Yohey YOSHIHA
Address: 3 Higashi-Kujo Nishi-Goryo-Cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan
TEL: +81-75-661-0448
FAX: +81-75-671-5786

Email :
Website :

Kyoto Contemporary
Producer Kotaro Nishibori

ATT:T.C.I. laboratory,LLC.182 Minami-hancho kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
602-0096 JAPAN
TEL : +81-90-2103-1062
FAX : +81-75-432-8751
Email :
Website :

Contact in Shanghai, China
Bridge 8, No.9205, Block 25 Middle Jianguo Road,
Shanghai (Near Sinan road), Shanghai P.R China
TEL : +86 21 6136 0127
Website :