In Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan the excellent traditional crafts that have a long history are called "Kyo-mono" in Japan.
It is our sincere hope to create products for presents, also products that are able to be incorporate into people's daily lives.
By applying advanced and sophisticated technologies and also by utilizing universal designs we strive to make interesting products.

"Kyoto Contemporary Project" is based in the world's fashion center - Paris, and in the world's most dynamic market - Shanghai.
The project spirit is to convert the charm of Kyo-mono to useful daily products.
We hope people will enjoy these products made in the spirit of old Kyoto charm.
We invite you to appreciate our innovative products that combine the ability & soul of Kyoto's skilled artisans and their state-of-the-art designs.

"Kyoto Contemporary"
Designers Workshop and Exhibition&Reception in Paris
22-26, January 2014

Location and event detail

Event1. "Designers × Craftsmen Workshop"

New project development of collaboration between the designers belong to
ATELIERS DE PARIS and Kyoto Contemporary craftsmen.

Date:22-23, January
Address:30 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine 75012 Paris

*Official presentation and reception Vivas at the Hotel de Lauzun from
17:00- 21:00 on 23rd.
Address:7 Quai d'Anjou,Paris 4th arrondissement

*Not open for public. Please contact to ATELIERS DE PARIS if you are
interested in this event or Press.

Event2. "Kyoto Contemporary Rubric Exhibition and test marketing"

Date:25-26, January
Place:Art Galleries Intuiti & Convergences
Address:16 & 22 Street Les Coutures Saint Gervais, 3rd District

*Reception party
Date:24, January 18:30-21:30
Place:Art Galleries Intuiti & Convergences
Address:16 & 22 Street Les Coutures Saint Gervais, 3rd District
Apparemment Cafe, 18 Street Les Coutures Saint Gervais,

Event3. Maison & Objet exhibition in "Kyoto Connection" booth.

Maison & Objet 2014
Date:24-28 January
Location: PARIS NORD Villepinte, Hall7 C184

Exhibitors information


Since the establishment of the company in 1935, we have being aiming at producing Kyoto style ceramics that are representative in this traditional Japanese industry.
By selecting the best artisans who best fit each product, we provide a wide range of tableware, tea utensils and interior accessories.
In this project, we propose exquisite tableware treated by a technique called "Flower shape crystallization".

Person in charge : Takayoshi Kumagai
Address : 9-5,Kawata Kiyomizuyakidanchi-cho,Yamashina-ku,Kyoto,Japan
Tel : +81-75-501-8083
Fax : +81-75-501-5876
Email :
Website :


Since the establishment of the company in 1935, we have being aiming at producing traditional Japanese obi-belts for Kimonos. The obi is made from high-quality silk. Highly skilled techniques are necessary for its manufacturing.
In the world today, this technique exists only in Japan. It is mainly used for products relating to Kimonos.
In this project the prestigious obis integrate perfectly into decoration accessories. We would like to show you the luxurious obi belt decoration in concise style.

Person in charge : Issho Watanabe
Address : 148, Douyuu-cho, Sakaimachi-sanjo sagaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Tel : +81-75-221-1708
Fax : +81-75-211-2086
Email :
Website :


Since the establishment our company in 2004, we have produced specialized textile products like the theatrical costumes for "KABUKI" that is a classical Japanese dance-drama play.
The luxurious "KABUKI" costume is an art of the crystallization of Japanese traditional textile techniques such as dyeing techniques and sewing techniques.
For this project, by integrating the Japanese traditional techniques with the modern ideas, we propose to you brand-new textile products.
With the intersection of horizontal and vertical yarns, we construct various textile models.

Person in charge : Harumi Tomita
Address : HananoGosho KATSUTARO-kan BLD.240 Minamihan-cho Tsukiyama Kamigyo-ku Kyoto JAPAN
Tel : +81-75-432-5501
Fax : +81-75-432-5508
Email :
Website :
Facebook :


Since the establishment of company in 1949, we have been producing Kimonos, obi belts and Kimono accessories for years.
We want to pass down the textile techniques for making Kimonos and obi belts production for future generations. We also want to spread the splendor of this culture around the world.
In this project, by using the biais textile technique for the obi belt production, we propose the exquisite textile products that you have never seen before.

Person in charge : KOJI IZUMI
Brand Name : SANJIKU
Address : 394 Osaka-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-city, Japan
TEL : +81-75-341-4181
FAX : +81-75-341-4180
Email :
SANJIKU Facebook :


Our main business aims at the manufacture and sale of "Kyo-dolls".
The company was established in 1969 as a manufacturer of Kyo-dolls.
In the name of a traditional craftsman - "Miyake Gensho" , we supply our products to department stores and specialty stores until now in Japan.
We would like to present to you the beauty and the technicality of "Kyo-dolls".
Furthermore, we hope to be able to revitalize Japan's traditional culture and to strengthen relationships between people who like "Kyo-dolls".

Person in charge : KEISUKE MIYAKE
Address : 103-53 Minamihoriike Ogura Uji-city Kyoto , JAPAN
TEL : +81-774-22-5008
FAX : +81-774-22-3062
Email :


Ikkyu paraded around town saying "Take caution, take caution", as he held a bamboo pole with a skull attached to the end of it. The people around town asked him, "Why are you carrying such a gross skull on a day of such celebration?" Ikkyu replied, "I'm carrying around this skull because I feel the celebration myself. There is nothing more celebratory than a skull. Skulls have only eye sockets that stick out and we call that "medetai" (This is a pun meaning both "celebratory" and "eyes sticking out" in Japanese). People live their lives based on the fact that they soon forget the coziness and safety of the previous day. However, reality in this world is callous and you never know what is going to happen. Therefore, I say "Take caution." Everyone alive should take comfort in the fact that they are still not a skull like this and don't have eye sockets that stick out (... meaning, you are not "medetai" yet.) Designer Jorg Gessner inspired this Japanese famous old story of the monk "Ikkyu" and create "E'Q" collection for men's accessories.

Person in charge : KEISUKE NAKANO
Brand Name : E'Q accessories
Address : Teramachi-Matsubara Agaru, Shimogyo-ku,Kyoto
TEL : +81-75-351-0155
FAX : +81-75-351-7438
Email :


The ISUKE was founded in the late Edo period; the company has produced the natural material of lacquer ware such as purified lacquer and lacquer ware for more than 180 years. Nowadays, we have gained wide popularity in the market incorporating design and functions which match well in modern life. In this project, we originally propose contemporary tableware that is made from our historic techniques and new design.

Person in charge : TOSHIYUKI OKINO
Brand Name : MOKU tableware

TEL : +81-75-361-5281
FAX : +81-75-361-5285
Email :


Muhouan make textile fabrics, such as Japanese obi and kimono, out of silk thread which are spin and dyed from Asian plants or silkworm. Their technique of weaving come from Nishijin-Ori, that is Japanese traditional textile industry. Muhouan are at work on the hand-operated loom, being thankful to the benefit from nature.

Person in charge : Yukihiko Masukura
Address : 1-16, Torin-cho, Takagamine, Kita-ku, Kyoto, 603-8445, JAPAN
TEL : +81-75-493 - 4576
FAX : +81-75-493 - 7844
Email :


Nishimura Yuzen Chokoku was established in 1934 as a professional Kyoyuzen engraver for custom-made Yuzen dyeing factory. And in 1967, Takeshi Nishimura become the second owner of Nishimura Yuzen Chokoku. He has mastered all the skills of Yuzen engraving "Tsuki-boli", "Hiki-boli", "Dogu-bori" and "Kili-boli". Now he is working on and providing several kinds of interior goods from big one like a tapestry to small one for a desk with his skills of Yuzen engraving.

Person in charge : Takeshi Nishimura
Address : 51 Mibu.aiaicyo, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
TEL : +81-75-821-5589
FAX : +81-75-332-2955
Email :

Kyoto Contemporary
Producer Kotaro Nishibori

ATT:T.C.I. laboratory,LLC.182 Minami-hancho kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
602-0096 JAPAN
TEL : +81-90-2103-1062
FAX : +81-75-432-8751
Email :
Website :

Contact in Shanghai, China
Bridge 8, No.9205, Block 25 Middle Jianguo Road,
Shanghai (Near Sinan road), Shanghai P.R China
TEL : +86 21 6136 0127
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