Kotaro Nishibori (T.C.I.Laboratory)

HIYOSHIYA is the time honored traditional umbrella manufacture in Japan.
It has more than 150 years history but it was almost closed because of Japanese lifestyle has been changing a lot.
Kotaro Nishibori joined HIYOSHIYA with different point of view of outsider, and rediscover the beauty and smart function of the traditional product.
Now he produces a lot of design lamp product which developed with designers and built up over 15 countries distribution network with international partners.
His philosophy is “Tradition is Continuing Innovation”.
He also established the new enterprise “T.C.I Laboratory” in 2012 and start to help other Japanese companies for product development and international promotion based on his unique business scheme which raised by HIYOSHIYA’s international business.
He started to produce “Contemporary Japanese Design Exhibition” from Milan Fuorisalone 2012.
It continues Milan FuoriSalone 2013 as larger scale and great result.
“Contemporary Japanese Design Exhibition” is the platform exhibition and the door to the world design business for Japanese design companies and young designers.
He is also the producer of “Kyoto Contemporary” project organized by Kyoto local city government and the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce.
He helps traditional craftsmen with his international partners and talented designers to create new design product based on traditional technics and materials.

Kotaro Nishibori

International Adviser

Xavier Lesage (Dilema Conseil)


MELYS CONSULTING - Consulting company specialised in developing business relationships between Japan and Europe
Managing director and Associate consultant  (>2001)

DILEMA CONSEIL - Distribution company - Interior design business
Managing director (>2008)

JAPAN BRAND (2008-2010) : MURC/METI - Sales Force
CLAIR and Japanese Ministries Agency (Japan) : Senior Researcher for short studies (2007-2010)
Chinese Cultural and Economic Agency (AECE, Paris) : Senior lecturer for chinese delegations (2010-2013)



Professeur Associé de Stratégie et Entrepreneuriat / Associate Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship
Responsable de la majeure “Entrepreneuriat”

International Adviser

Jenny Shen (COCON Decor)

As a MBA master from Twente University in Netherlands, Jenny Shen is playing an active role in China, mainly in Shanghai as a professional art & decor consultant.
Jenny has been working in multinational PR agencies for 6 years, so that she is very capable and experienced in planning PR strategies and events.
She was also worked in American Hardwoods Export Council (Belonging to US Embassy Agricultural Trade Office) for 5 years. As a Marcom & PR Manager for China, she adopted a proactive approach to enhance the AHEC's corporate profile in mainland China through planning and implementing a wide range of activities.
From 2010 till now, Jenny set up her own Accessories Design & Art Consultancy company - Cocon Décor. Working actively, she is deeply involved in some design projects, for example the Kyoto Contemporary Project and revival of Shanghai Vive. As a product designer and art consultant, she has an outstanding art sense in designing furniture, ceramic and decorative objects. Moreover, she devotes herself into art renovation in a creative way, combing usually the art with different materials and fabrics.

Support Adviser

Satomi Suzuki (SHU SHU)

Satomi Suzuki began her career at Recruit Co.,Ltd. in Tokyo working in the creative department of the “ab-road” magazine. Four years later, she joined Hakuhodo Inc. – the second largest ad agency in Japan. Within the “JAL-team” she has been working in administrative and marketing positions before moving to Munich, Germany in 1994.


in October 2013 Satomi Suzuki founded Satomi Suzuki Tokyo, Co.,Ltd. in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan. With the aim to promote Japanese design, the company’s goal is to assist and support manufacturers and designers along the way in order to be successful in the European market. Through her experience in the field of international sales and marketing, Satomi Suzuki knows that it is fundamental to initiate and provide consulting services from the beginning of any product development.


Being able to assist with booth construction and relevant services, her concept store and distribution agency, and finally her “Japanese Design Promotion” company, Satomi Suzuki and her international team is an ideal partner for Japanese companies and institutions that want to promote and sell consumer products in Europe.