Kotaro Nishibori (T.C.I.Laboratory)

HIYOSHIYA is the time honored traditional umbrella manufacture in Japan.
It has more than 150 years history but it was almost closed because of Japanese lifestyle has been changing a lot.
Kotaro Nishibori joined HIYOSHIYA with different point of view of outsider, and rediscover the beauty and smart function of the traditional product.
Now he produces a lot of design lamp product which developed with designers and built up over 15 countries distribution network with international partners.
His philosophy is “Tradition is Continuing Innovation”.
He also established the new enterprise “T.C.I Laboratory” in 2012 and start to help other Japanese companies for product development and international promotion based on his unique business scheme which raised by HIYOSHIYA’s international business.
He started to produce “Contemporary Japanese Design Exhibition” from Milan Fuorisalone 2012.
It continues Milan FuoriSalone 2013 as larger scale and great result.
“Contemporary Japanese Design Exhibition” is the platform exhibition and the door to the world design business for Japanese design companies and young designers.
He is also the producer of “Kyoto Contemporary” project organized by Kyoto local city government and the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce.
He helps traditional craftsmen with his international partners and talented designers to create new design product based on traditional technics and materials.

Kotaro Nishibori

International Adviser

Xavier Lesage (Dilema Conseil)

Representative of Melys Consulting

Mr. Lesage runs Melys Consulting, a consulting company specialised in developing business relationships between Japan and Europe. With a focus on interior design, homeware and fashion accessories, he holds deep insight into a wide variety of products, and has an extensive network of recognised experts in many fields. He also works as an associate professor of strategy and international business in Fench and European universities.

Design Director

Françoise Seince(Ateliers de Paris)

Graduated in history of art, Françoise Seince have been journalist during 15 years. As chief editor, she created a new magazine called Métiers d’art and becomes head of communication during ten years. She joins the Ville de Paris for the creation of the Ateliers de Paris in 2005. She heads this service dedicated to the promotion of emerging firms in the fields of craft, fashion and design. With three incubators, les Ateliers de Paris host 40 residents during two years. With this innovative tool, Françoise Seince gives to young and confirmed creators an opportunity to be known and to build up a network throughout six exhibitions per year in the gallery and several events in France and internationally.