Ateliers de Paris Designers

Atelier Pelpell

Interior designers, Céline Pelcé and Géraud Pellottiero created Atelier PelPell at the end of their studies. Techniques and expertise that they encountered at Ecole Boulle are a leitmotiv for the drawings and designs of their projects. They also gain their experiences at the workshops of professional craftsmen and builders, with whom they develop the details and finishes in situ. Based on these experiences, they also organize collective and multidisciplinary experimentations, at workshops and cultural events with students and professionals.

Pierre Charrié

After working for several studios, Pierre Charrié has built a solid experience in product and furniture design since his graduation from ENSCI - Les Ateliers. He now works with companies, galleries and manufacturers, such as Ligne Roset and Galerie MICA, on various projects and develops concepts of new sound and interactive objects. He focuses on the sensorial features of objects that interact with the direct environment and with the body. He has won the “Grand Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris” in design senior category.

Pauline Krier and Alexandra Lucas

Passionate about arts and crafts, Pauline Krier was trained as a furniture upholsterer and established her own business when she was 21. As both designer and restorer, she takes a sharp look on our lives and her works tell our stories, habits and minds with a biting sense of humor.

As a partner in this project, Alexandra Lucas is a creator of a collection of curiosities inspired by illustration and imaginative characters. Her works lead us to a universe with hybrid creatures that are sometimes mute and rude as well as cynic and poetic. Metal is the main material of her creations.

Unqui Designers - Esther Bacot and Arnaud Lecat

Unqui Designers is an industrial design agency created in 2011 by four designers. Their passion for creation and willingness to question the world around them are the key elements of their individual and collective motivation. The agency’s design approach is based on the user experience and ecosystem analysis. They are involved in many different industrial design projects as well as research projects. This is how they came up with the innovative kitchen and school furniture pieces; each were awarded for 2011 Prix Emile Hermès and the Prix Jean Prouvé in 2015.

Studio Monsieur

Since its establishment in 2012 by Manon Leblanc and Romain Diroux, Studio Monsieur designs mostly furniture and object, but undertakes as well the creation of window displays and space design. Fascinated by both crafts and industrial production processes, Studio Monsieur plays with various systems of production to conceive objects in which materials, lines and colors become the main feature. Studio Monsieur won “Grand Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris” in design junior category.

Sika Viagbo

Atelier Lilikpó, led by Sika Viagbo, works on the design and creation of mosaic art. Relying on an ancient technique, she adapts the Haute Couture codes to create unique and singular works, which will later be a part of the interiors that she “dresses”. Contemporary and innovative, her mosaics are applied not only on walls but on the floors and ceilings. Inspired by classical patterns and textiles, her mosaic plays with depth, relief and unexpected materials such as leather.

Céline Thibault

Céline Thibault, holds a diploma from l’Ensci - Les Ateliers. She encountered the world of motorbikes for the first time during her student years, via The Royal Enfield while on a visit to India. On her return to Paris, she felt the need to pursue this newly discovered world and was fortunate to meet enthusiastic individuals who shared her passion and love of motorbikes and the neo-retro culture. Thanks to this positive experience, she developed a project of bags and scarves targeting the community of distinguished bikers.

AC/AL Studio - Amandine Chhor and Aissa Logerot

Graduated from ENSCI - Les Ateliers, Amandine Chhor and Aïssa Logerot started to build their own careers by working for prestigious architecture and design agencies like Hermès and Ligne Roset. From 2009 to 2012, they collaborated on contemporary designs using sustainable craft techniques in developing countries like Cambodia, Morocco and Cameroun, before establishing their own design studio in Paris in 2013. Passionate for materials, crafts and industrial manufacturing processes, they try to valorize usefulness and simplicity through their projects that bridges various scales from object to space. Their precise, elegant and clean lines give their design its identity.

Christophe Lhote

After completing a degree in jewelry, Christophe Lhote received an education from the art school in Toulon, France, before refining his studies in Paris. He began his career by offering exclusive pieces of jewelry in unique or limited series. Then, in 2014, he set up his own studio and developed his first collection. He considers creation as a balance between style, volume, colors, anecdotes, temporality and savoir-faire. He enjoys saying that he “draws pleasure”.

Sophie Poupaert

Graduated in 2008 from the Ecole Boulle Product/Furniture Design department, Sophie Poupaert co-founded “L’Accent du m” in 2013. (a global design studio highlighting unique knowhow, products or brands) Then at the beginning of 2016, Sophie created her own studio of motion-graphic design, “aert”. Thanks to her passion for images and details, she enjoys the idea to discover a universe, to transport people by imagination, to surprise and to make people smile.