Ateliers de Paris Designers

Anna Borowski

Anna Borowski is a craftswoman and a designer. She graduated from the ENSAAMA of Paris. She develops projects in collaboration with companies from various fields such as luxury brands, advertising and entertainment. She conceives creations ranging from sculptures and jewellery prototypes to set design and fabric patterns. All of these various projects are consistent in their vision, which is to provide the feeling of an emotional and cultural anchorage through objects evoking dream, storytelling and poetry.

Studio Monsieur

Since its creation in 2012 by Manon Leblanc and Romain Diroux, Studio Monsieur designs mostly furniture and object, but undertakes as well the creation of window displays and space design. Fascinated by production processes from the crafts or the industrial sectors, Studio Monsieur twists and plays with them to conceive objects like graphic projects in which materials, lines and colors are featured prominently.

Lily Alcaraz and Léa Berlier

Lily Alcaraz and Léa Berlier, textile designers from the Duperré School and the ENSCI School, have combined their individual worlds in a collaborative and evolutionary writing. During their residency at Les Ateliers de Paris in 2009, they founded their studio of textile design and weaving workshop, in which they combine know-how and research. Thanks to their mastery of craft and industrial techniques, they have developed several partnerships with professionals from the home and fashion worlds.

Unqui Designers

Unqui Designer is an industrial design agency created in 2011 by four designers. A passion for creating and a willingness to question the world around us are the key elements of their individual and collective motivation. The agency approach is based on the work of reflection on practice, scripting and systemic. Unqui is involved in many areas dealing with industrial projects as well as exploratory projects. This is how they came up with the innovative kitchen awarded by the 2011 Prix Emile Hermès and the school furniture awarded by the Prix Jean Prouvé in 2015.

Judith Bourdin – De novembre

Graduate from Duperré School and passionate about the concept of know-how, Judith is developing high-quality accessories with delicate finishing touches for denovembre. Her collections are inspired by combinations of objects and colours, fragments and gesture.

Arthur Leitner

Architect, Arthur Leitner had the opportunity to work in the Studio Campana and for Nomads Objects collection for Louis Vuitton. He is now design consultant for the Carpenters Workshop Gallery and works as independent designer with editors and craftsmen.

Charlotte Juillard

With an interior architecture and product design degree, Charlotte apprehends objects in their context, never forgetting surrounding space. Most of the time, her work is a research about material, where textures and forms, softness and femininity combine in favor of the same ambition, giving evidence to the object.

Peggy Derolez

Embroiderer and textile designer, Peggy have been in charge of the Research and Development department in rare crafts for Haute Couture fashion houses in Asia for 5 years. Today, she creates her own collections, from unique pieces to limited series mixing printed patterns, thread feathers, beaded embroidery and crochet.

Studio Saint Antoine

Initially graduated from Essec Business School, Guillaume Garnier decided to head into interior and product design. He joined Camondo - Les Arts Décoratifs where he met Florent Linker. After graduation, they both developed their own expertise in site-specific furniture and lighting design in major studios. They funded Saint Antoine to offer a furniture design consultancy dedicated to architects and decorators. They want to bridge the gap between creators and craftsmen and create with this approach objects that will tell stories, atmospheres and savoir-faire.

Noir Vif

"Graduates of ENSA A M A, A ndré Lehoux created the studio Noir Vif in spring 2011, between publishing objects and innovative industrial projects. For André this was a complete career change after previously working as an engineer. Guillaume completed his education with a Masters degree in Innovation at the National School of Arts Professions in 2010. Complementary and convinced that the pleasure of the designer is communicative, André and Guillaume prepare a narrative for each project from both sides fuelled by personal experiments and encounters. Going against the methods of academic creativity, Noir Vif works with relevant and inventive responses in terms of products, objects and set design."

Elodie Stephan

Designer, Élodie Stephan develops very poetic solo projects and finds her way in protean projects, experimenting at the borders of art, architecture, scenography and graphics. Attached to the notion of context, she places her work in an environmental approach. She works, among other projects, on an innovative system allowing the appearance of rainbows.

L'Accent du M

L'Accent du m is a design studio created by Jean- François Aimé and Sophie Poupaert, both graduates of the Boulle School in design products and furniture. Their enthusiasm and creativity lead them to consider product design as a valuation tool. They like re- questioning the established scenarios, solve problems combining traditional and contemporary approaches. L'Accent du m focus attention on being at the service of progress, growth and human.