Ateliers de Paris Designers

Astrid Hauton

After her graduation from ENSI - Les Ateliers, Astrid Hauton moved to Vietnam and worked with local businesses for three years to develop contemporary crafts. She also gathered a team of designers and led Future Living Studio, a temporary design studio based in Hanoi, then Phnom Penh. Back in Paris, she develops her own collections of durable domestic objects, remarkable for their elegance and relevant to the ingenuity of their manufacturing process. She also supports innovative projects as a consultant in TechShop- Ateliers Leroy Merlin, a collaborative maker-space. Her design approach explores the ways to bridge between craft and industry with a hint of refinement.


Désormeaux/Carrette studio is a collaboration between two French designers: Nathanaël Désormeaux and Damien Carrette. They work across a wide range of sectors including furniture, lighting, consumer goods, interior design and exhibition design. Their approach takes its root in the sensitive considerations towards materials and industrial processes. They are driven by visual culture and pay a great care for the graphical composition.

Lily Alcaraz & Léa Berlier

Lily Alcaraz and Léa Berlier are textile designers graduated from Duperré and ENSCI-Les Ateliers schools. In 2009, they founded their design studio and weaving workshop in Paris where they combine know-how and research. Their expertise on craft and industrial techniques allowed them to develop several partnerships with textile companies for fashion and decoration industries. They create new collections, textile environments, and patterns and weavings in various application areas. Specialized in hand weaving, they imagine new fabrics and unique hand-made pieces woven on their looms. For architects and decorators, they realize special orders involving materials and colors dedicated to unique projects.

Théophile Besson

Graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Saint-Etienne, Théophile Besson had a first experience at the Maison Hermès, then a one-year residency at Les Ateliers de Paris, to finally create his studio in 2008. His work gathers art and design, to go beyond the boundaries of a predefined creative world. For each of his works, he selects a specific know- how of a craftsman (Limoges porcelain, Lisbon ceramics, buffalo leather...) and combines them with his creativity, to make innovations happen.

Pierre Charrié

After working for several studios, Pierre Charrié has built a solid experience in product and furniture design since his graduation from ENSCI - Les Ateliers. He now works with companies, galleries and manufacturers, such as Ligne Roset and Galerie MICA, on various projects and develops concepts of new sound and interactive objects. He focuses on the sensorial features of objects that interact with the direct environment and with the body. He has won the “Grand Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris” in design senior category.

Atelier Pelpell

Interior designers, Céline Pelcé and Géraud Pellottiero created Atelier PelPell. Techniques and expertise that they encountered at Ecole Boulle are a leitmotiv for the drawings and design of their projects. They also gain their experiences at the workshops of professional craftsmen and builders, with whom they develop the details and finishes in situ. Based on these experiences, they also organize collective and multidisciplinary experimentations, at workshops and cultural events with students and professionals.

Élise Fouin

Having a double degree in crafts and applied arts at Ecole Boulle in goldsmith and furniture design, she became a designer, who thinks of the materials before thinking of the objects. She pays a particular attention to the experimental research, to the behavior of materials and to the manufacturing process. She likes to play with the tactile and sensitive qualities of the materials that she reinvents with subtlety. She works with ceramists, cabinetmakers, carpenters, luxury brands and large retailers, in the fields of space, product, furniture and lighting design.

Sophie Dalla Rosa

Winner of the « Grand Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris » in 2007, Sophie Dalla Rosa is a "knitter". Graduated from les Arts Décoratifs of Strasbourg, she explores the technical possibilities to create sculptural objects with enigmatic shapes. Her works use small objects such as pebbles as a wick and knit around to wrap it. Not only creating sculptural objects, she also creates accessories and jewelries in the same technique. Her creations are called, in French, "petits riens", "parasites" or "curiosités", meaning small creations that in influence the ways of interpreting natural or urban environments.